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Certified Products Parts List

Hydraulic Oils
32 5g 55g
46 5g 55g
68 5g 55g
5-20 5g 55g
Automatic Transmission Fluid 5g 55g
T0C4 10 (CAT) 5g 55g
T0C4 30 (CAT) 5g 55g
T0C4 50 (CAT) 5g 55g
Tractor Fluid 5g 55g
SYN HYD 32 5g 55g
SYN HYD 46 5g 55g
SYN HYD 68 5g 55g

Motor Oils

1540 5g 55g
40w 5g 55g
30w 5g 55g
10w 5g 55g
5-20 5g 55g
5-30 5g 55g
10-40 5g 55g
SYN 5-40 MO 5g 55g
SYN 5-20 MO 5g 55g

Industrial Gear Oils

ISO 68 5g 55g
ISO 100 5g 55g
ISO 150 5g 55g
ISO 220 5g 55g
ISO 320 5g 55g

Cleaning Products

Superclean 5g 55g
Windshield Washer Fluid 5g 55g
Mineral Spirits 5g 55g
Machine/Compressor Oils
R&O 32 5g 55g
R&O 46 5g 55g
R&O 68 5g 55g
R&O 100 5g 55g
R&O 220 5g 55g
R&O 320 5g 55g
SYN R&O 32 5g 55g
SYN R&O 46 5g 55g
SYN R&O 68 5g 55g

Gear Oils

85-140 5g 15g 55g
80-90 5g 15g 55g
SYN 80-140 5g   55g
SYN 75-90 5g   55g
SYN TLC 50 5g   55g


Full Strength Anti-Freeze (Green) 55g
50-50 Anti-Freeze (Green) 55g
Extended Life Anti-Freeze (Red) 55g
50-50 Extended Life Anti-Freeze (Red) 55g

Specialty Products

NF 85 White Oil (Food Grade Oil) 5g 55g
Soluble Cutting Oil (Biodegradable) 5g 55g
Sulfur Based Cutting Oils 5g 55g
Rock Drill 100 5g 55g
Rock Drill 220 5g 55g
Kerosene (K1) 5g 55g

Also Available Upon Request Are

Foo Grade Oils
Biodegradable Oil/Greases
Synthetic Oils

Anti-freeze concentrated gal
Anti-freeze 50/50 gal
Extended life anti-freeze concentrated gal
Extended life anti-freeze 50/50 gal
Dex cool anti-freeze gal
Multi vehicle anti-freeze gal
RV anti-freeze gal
Motor Oils
Rotella 1540 gal
1540 quarts
5-20 quarts
5-30 quarts
10-30 quarts
10-40 quarts
2 stroke oil quarts

Miscellaneous Oils

85-140 gear oil quarts
Automatic transmission fluid quarts
Lubriplate H01 hydraulic oil gal
Lubriplate 10w non-detergent quarts
Lubriplate 20-20 non-detergent quarts
Lubriplate 30w non-detergent quarts

Parts Cleaners/Rags

P.B Blaster rust breaker 12oz cans
Chain and cable 12oz cans
Electric parts cleaner 12oz cans
Battery parts cleaner 12oz cans
Rags in a box
Scrubs hand wipes
50lbs boxes of cotton rags white or colored

Equipment Maintenance Products

Windshield washer fluid gal
Windshield de-icer 12oz cans
Starter fluid 12oz cans
Power steering fluid quarts
Carburetor cleaner 11oz cans
Non-chlorinated break cleaner 14oz cans
DOT 3 brake fluid quarts
Air brake anti-freeze quarts
Dry gas 12oz cans
Diesel fuel conditioner liters
Diesel 911 liters


Hi temp EP2 grease cartons, 10 packs
White lithium spray 12oz cans
Lubriplate 3000 hammer grease cartons, 10 packs
Lubriplate 1444 grease cartons, 10 packs
Lubriplate SFL food grade grease cartons, 10 packs
Lubriplate EMB electric motor bearing grease cartons, 10 packs
Lubriplate 1222 multi purpose grease cartons, 10 packs
Lubriplate gear shield extra heavy cartons, 10 packs